After the release of “Paralytics Stalks” the american band

 collects peculiarities and tracks that have been kept in secret over the last 5 years.

 “Daughter of Cloud” is Of Montreal’s newest album with 17 tracks, 10 of them unpublished.

 The band has released the album in several formats, including: Digital, CD, Cassette, Vinyl and a special-edition Fuchsia   Purple vinyl, which is limited to 1,500 copies.

 Edited for the first time in Argentina, the new OF Montral disc is arriving, with the exclusive license of Casa del Puente  Discos and Poster.

 “Like his hero Prince, Barnes is a talented musician capable of performing any kind of music he wants.”.


 “Daughter of Cloud” shows successfully a new version of the band, uncovering its most intense side, even its singular  sensitivity.



 We share with you ¨The Violence of Handcrafted Dolls¨, a blog with the album's art and ideas.